I met Kyle Pfeifer at Northstar Church as a student at Virginia Tech. Kyle and his wife Tara, and 8 month-old baby girl Brynlie along with their golden doodle Cassius now live in Norfolk, Virginia. He graduated from VT in 2016 with a mechanical engineering degree. He said, “All four years in Blacksburg I attended Northstar and loved every moment!” When Kyle was a student, our destination of choice for meetings was McDonald’s. I’d get a sausage McGriddle, and he’d order a cheese biscuit and proceed to dissect it, claiming he got more bang for his buck by tearing up the cheese into bits and rearranging it.

If you haven’t read the introduction to this series, please check it out here! Here’s Kyle’s thoughts on discipleship:

Discipleship and Spikeball

There is nothing better than a good game of spikeball. The volleys, the diving and the spiking are all so satisfying. However, to have a good game of spikeball, you need players who know how to play, and the only way to learn is by someone coming alongside of you and showing you how to play and teaching you the skills you need to succeed.

Being discipled is a little bit like being that new player on the spikeball set. In my life, I have been that person. I have needed older and wiser men in my life to walk alongside me in my spiritual journey with the Lord. These disciplers of mine have been so intentional in my life and taught me how to seek after the Lord.

Kyle and Tara, along with eight month-old Brynlie and their golden doodle Cassius.

However, similar to spikeball, I learn best by jumping in and watching my teacher play the game and playing along side of him. The most influential disciplers I have had did just that for me. They brought me along with them and showed me how to study scripture and showed me how to share my faith with others. They didn’t just read a script to me but let their life be a living lesson on how to follow the Lord. Because of these men and the influence they have had in my walk with the Lord, I desire to disciple other men around me. When I do, I try and follow the example of those who have discipled me and not just share how scripture relates to our lives. I want to also show how to live in a way where God’s Word impacts every decision I make.

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