“Our Texas chauffeur” From Summer 2011

We’ve had a blast in San Angelo the past few days. Yes, it’s been over 100 each day. But with no humidity to speak of, you can sit in the shade with iced tea and actually be comfortable. Caro and the kids make this annual trek to their family’s lakehouse, but I only make every 3 years or so.

With eight grandkids (4 are 5 and under) in one lakehouse along with eight adults, it’s quite an unruly crowd. Yet, the days pass quickly with fishing, jet skis, more fishing, card games, a little TV and, of course, major meals.

I brought 5-6 books with me, thinking I’d devour them while away. With water-logged days and heat that saps your energy, I find that I can’t stay up late. When I slow down or lie down, my eyes quickly rebel against my desire to read, and zzzzzzz…..

We drove further south today – to Junction, Texas – to meet Carolyn and Cortney’s grandfather for lunch. We rendez-voused at Cooper’s BBQ (simply amazing) where the kids found and chased kittens around the exterior of the restaurant (amid warnings of “watch for snakes”) while the adults swapped stories and enjoyed the simplicity of a no-schedule, nowhere-to-be day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (I’m sooooo Texan), our church family back home participated in Blacksburg’s annual town festival called “Steppin Out.” Essentially, it’s a massive outdoor restaurant combined with craft booths and live music. Toss in a few hula hoops, cops on bikes, and things made out of grass and granola, and you’ve got Steppin Out.

Since being away this summer, I’ve had a few observations about life. Here are five for your musing:

  1. There’s no distinguishable difference between 100 and 110 degrees, with humidity being constant. Hot is hot.
  2. Coffee shops are a great escape opportunity for reflection during family vacations.
  3. While noodling (fishing for catfish with your hands while fully immersed in water) looks fun on TV, 10 year-olds claim that accidental noodling for snakes is decidedly not as adventurous nor fun.
  4. Installing two ceiling fans to cool down a back porch in west Texas is where they got the expression “blowing hot air.”
  5. Ski ropes can instantly foul up the prop on a jet ski.




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