Pastor Joe Thorn of Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, IL has an interesting blog entry about effective evangelism that cites six personal observations about evangelism that are worth reading and responding to here. He says, 

“..this isn’t technical research pulled together by Ed Stetzer and the people at Lifeway. These are conclusions I have come to after living in this community for 31 years, sharing the gospel here for 14 years, and serving as pastor here for seven years.”

His observations are:

  1. Door to door evangelism is seen as an unwanted invasion.
  2. Initiating conversation at Starbucks is welcome.
  3. The evangescript is perceived as invasive and fake. (By “evangescript,” he refers to a memorized or rote presentation that one commits to memory.)
  4. Showing how real-life concerns connect to the gospel is well-received.
  5. The churched are often as clueless about the gospel as the unchurched.

What are your own observations about evangelism related to south Arkansas? Is that just how you “feel” or is it a conclusion from personal experience?

Many thanks to Richard for surfacing this entry. I’ve also posted it over on the Journey site.

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