I just had to laugh when I saw the opener over at teampyro this morning…

The primary point of this post is to really bring all the people we have had consistent adversarial interaction with out of the woodwork to see if we can’t make a comment thread go past the 1,000 mark—because after all, we get thousands of readers every day. Everyone should have something to say for himself.

They go on to ask some pointed questions about the emergent movement, many of which I’ve addressed at Notes before. However, I just don’t feel like chewing on sawdust today. I think the bigger question for me, in the mood I’m in, is simply… why in the world would Dan and the guys want to deal with 1000+ comments on Labor Day?

However, tucked away in some very funny graphics and tongue-in-cheek pander is really a great post. They reiterate their defense and stand on scripture:

Sixty-six books chock-full of revelation. So much that most professing Christians (to our shame) have never even read it all.

It’s refreshing, really, to see a group of guys so passionate about the truth of the Bible and it’s life transforming power over those who submit their lives to its author. I still have a lot of doubts as to whether the “emergent” movement actually exists and can be point and counter-pointed. Yes, it has its prophets, but its difficult to paint such a broad stroke of criticism when speaking of them. It’s like denominational churches… you just never know what you’re going to get from one church to another – unfortunately.

However, the post is worth the Labor Day read, if for nothing else for thoughts like this:

And if the most central issue of the Bible—how can man be just before God?—has been misunderstood by basically every one of the holiest, godliest, most consecrated and devoted men of God for centuries; if, that is, our most elder brothers in the faith have, every one of them, answered that question wrongly, and only a specialist engaging in specialized sub-category studies can unearth the true answer to this basic question…

…it makes you wonder not only why God wrote the Book, but why He made such a poor job of it.

And you might as well leave a comment while you’re there…

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