This past Sunday, Adam Wilson preached for us at Northstar. Adam is a staffer with Cru at VT, and he has recently come on board as volunteer staff to help us with our discipleship processes.

*As a quick aside, I can't describe the blessing of having passionate, gifted men in our church who are able and eager to teach God's Word. I love sharing the joy of preaching with a teaching team.*

We’ve been in Luke since January of last year, and he spoke from Luke 19:11-27 in all three services.

Sitting under someone else’s teaching is a humbling and joyful experience. No minister is ever above being taught, nor have we “arrived.” I’m going to share in a couple of brief posts what God surfaced for me as truths to dwell on.

The entire passage is a stirring and provocative parable that has serious implications for how “Christians” live and conduct their lives.

‘Engage in business until I come.’ (Luke 19.13)

Adam pointed out that the parable is a parallel to the ascension and inevitable return of Jesus Christ, our King. The command to his servants is not vague. He has entrusted an equal responsibility to each one, and there is clear direction and consequentially, expectation, for each servant to follow through.

Modern Christians should examine their lives with humility. Are they engaged in the business of the King, or are they engaged in their own business? Before we get defensive and claim “that’s none of your business,” we should realize that there will be accountability.

In the parable, and in reality, the king will come back. He returns to assess, rebuke, and reward. We are not given the option of doing nothing.

So, have you made God’s business your business? Are you engaged? Are you busy? Think about it. He is coming.

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