I used to have this blog that I checked daily – even several times during the day – for its deep analysis, insight and intelligence. That was until this unnamed blogger got sucked into the PC myth machine. He made a post that Bill Gates would have been proud of. It’s full of holes and can be easily attacked. 😉

I know his post was all in jest, and he will always remain at the top of my blogging fix. He’s an incredible blogger, writer, thinker, and friend. However, I call upon all Mac Users who read this blog (Michael, that means you!) to testify to your experience using Macs vs. PCs.

In other news,I thought I’d address some common myths about Macs vs. PCs:

  • Macs cost more than PCs... this is a myth that has been perpetuated for years, in spite of yearly analyses by third party reviewers that show you get far more bang for your book with Macs. (And this is just a financial advantage. This does refer to the greater system stability, peace of mind, virus freedom, etc.)

Apple vs. Dell – One great quote from this article: Sure, you can get a cheaper Dell notebook, but that’s almost like
saying you can get a VHS for dirt cheap when we’re talking about DVD

Some studies point out that owning a Mac is ultimately even more less expensive, because the cost of supporting the PC is so much greater. Factor in computer support, tech visits, virus protection costs, time spent overhauling your system, reinstalling, and defragging your HD…

That’s my first salvo. Anyone want to tackle another myth?

BTW, surf over to Guy Kawasaki’s site. He’s one of the preeminent professionals in the field on Macs who doesn’t work for Apple.

Oh, BTW2, those batteries that forced the Apple recall were made by Sony… who makes, uh, PCs. I know some folks who swear by Sony, in spite of it all. they make nice gadgets, like cameras and Walkmans, but their computers? C’mon.

BTW3, now that you’re converted to Macs by this one simple rebuttal, you can go get this cool shirt.

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