I’m currently studying Experiencing God for the 4th time. The first time I studied the discipleship course written by Henry Blackaby, I was in my early 20s and an all-knowing seminary student. I was on staff at First Baptist Church, Garland, Texas. Through the material, and as I began to seek how God was working around me, a series of events unfolded that led to a bedrock certainty that the God of Scriptures is alive, well, active, loving and deeply personal as He invited me into the adventure of listening for and following His leadership for the rest of my life.

Last month, I invited our church into a devotional journey/adventure with me. I’ve resisted making Experiencing God a programmed endeavor. Rather, I’ve simply offered to those in our church who “want to learn more about how to relate with God” to get a workbook and begin a 12-week discovery with me.

It’s been exciting in the past three weeks to hear stories of what God is teaching and how He is transforming long-held assumptions and expectations into new ways of joyful, faith-filled living. People are experiencing God rather than just going through a study.

Each time I’ve been through the material, I’m reminded of how simple, loving, and compelling a love relationship with God through Jesus Christ is. It continues to be a formative and influential study in my life. If you’ve not heard of it, I invite you, too, to grab a workbook and enter a 12-week adventure of turning from religion and to a relationship with God.

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