At the outset of this, I need to say that if you have voiced any sort of prayer on our behalf during Carolyn’s health trials, we are deeply grateful. I’d also like to request your continued intercession. It is only through the strength of prayers that we’ve been upheld and sustained in recent weeks.

However, we want to celebrate with you some significant news that Carolyn received from the doctor’s office on Christmas Eve. The needle biopsies that were taken on Monday all came back negative! There was no sign of lymphoma or Hodgkins. We were relieved and astonished. 

This entire ordeal that began in early November has been based on some assumptions that the activity the PET scan showed would most likely come back positive. Of course, we didn’t anticipate encountering breast cancer, but we also didn’t expect to be receiving good news at this stage.

Carolyn’s doc still may suggest surgery to remove one of the nodes in her groin area to be 100% confident with the needle biopsies. However, at this point, we are counting this as Christ’s gracious work through His people. 

We ask that you continue to pray. Her next surgery to remove more tissue in the breast is January 2. 

We are supremely grateful for how Christ has revealed Himself through our intercessors.

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