Here’s the text of a recent comment I left on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg’s fan page:

Facebook is getting as busy as MySpace was when I left the latter for that reason three years ago.

PLEASE remove all the junk from the Lifestream. 90% of folks don’t want to know who made what moves in a Connect 4 game. Neither do we want to read the content of what someone wrote on someone’s wall.

Just status updates and options to include other stuff like Story Posts or Pictures.

Facebook’s wonderful simplicity was what made it so popular (and what is helping Twitter become a steamroller).

Too much is too much. The KISS adage holds true for most of us. Please, keep it simple.

The current design is simply, well, too much like MySpace 2006.

What I failed to mention to him and should have was how great Facebook is. It’s because it’s such a powerful tool for relational connections that I left the comment. Too often, we’re critical of that which we love, taking for granted what (and who) we appreciate.

So, Mark, if you read that comment, stop by here and know that I love your juggernaut web creation. It’s huge. Really. I applaud your creative success. However, I (along with thousands of others) hope that the next design iteration will be more simple, less busy and less intrusive on our personal information streams.

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  2. Join the Facebook group Petition Against the “New Facebook.”

They are listening, by the way.

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