UAM student and Journey attender, created friedfish.org over the weekend. She had related to me that she was embarking upon this project, but I was surprised to see it come to fruition so quickly. Check it out! It looks promising and is sure to stir up discussion. Way to go, Pam!

Josh Jenkins, in northwest Arkansas is the creator of SpringdaleVotes, a website for “for positive, progressive change in Springdale.” It’s akin to MonticelloLive in many ways, though more proactive in urging involvement and accountability for elected officials.

However, Josh also created wrestlewithgod.com, and it looks like a great place as well to dialogue about faith matters. I encourage you to drop by and let Josh know I sent you.

Both Pam and Josh deserve pats on the back for initiating projects that will minister to others. Way to go, folks!

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