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Advantages to a dumb phone and thoughts on going back to an iPhone

On May 29, 2013, I boxed up my iPhone 5 and put it in a drawer. It’s been almost two months since then. You can review some of the reasons why and my reflections on being a dumb-phone user in… Continue Reading →

A response to Jen Hatmaker

Having not been invited to speak in large churches in the first place, I figure that I’ve had similar experiences so I could readily identify with her indignation. Her blog entry is a beautifully-written description of the importance of Christians having a loving heart towards all people. She expresses deep concern for how some in the American church have turned off genuine seekers by their arrogance and judgmental attitude.

When it’s time to leave your church

There’s a provoking entry over at that addresses the answer to this question. The thing that has consistently amazed me is that most churchgoers have never thought to question their particular church and its fidelity (or its leaders’) to… Continue Reading →

Personal ministry vision statement

A few years ago, I developed the following as my personal ministry vision statement. I stumbled back across it today while I was looking for something else on my computer and was encouraged by it. (Is it possible to be… Continue Reading →

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