I’m heading to Little Rock for the next three days of Fellowship Bible Church’s Church of Irresistible Influence Conference. I’ve missed it the the last two years, and this year I had told myself that I’m going, no matter what. The only thing I’m disappointed about is having to go without some of the other leaders from Journey. It’s always difficult to communicate an experience and what you’ve learned “after the fact.”

Fellowship Bible is probably one of the huge influences in how Journey is structured and shaped. I grew up in Little Rock and actually threw the Arkansas Democrat to its three founding co-pastors, Bill Wellons, Bill Parkinson, and Robert Lewis. I’ve seen the church grow and thrive over the years into a literal mega-church, but to this day, you can set up an appointment (and sometimes even drop in) and have coffee with any of its leaders.

I hope to be attempting something I’ve seen others do… liveblogging. If there’s a hotspot, I’ll try to do some blogging live from the conference to keep all you regulars up to speed.

For those of you left behind in Monticello or its vicinity, make sure to try out Journey’s D-Group! It’s been awesome so far, and there’s only three weeks left.

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