This is nothing new, but it may be new to you. Know what I mean? Stop by and check out the Veritas Forum. Started by a Harvard student a few years ago that was transformed disgust into inspiration.

Harvard’s bylaws still read, “…to let every student consider that the main end of his life and studies is to know God, Jesus Christ, who is eternal life…”

So many of our educational institutions started out as Christian endeavors, to train young men and women for ministry. It’s disturbing that at some point the church turned to erecting steeples instead of equipping leaders. It seems that most of this age’s up and coming spiritual “leaders” have as much ambition to change the world and society as my big toe.

Most are content to get a contract with a recording studio and play alternative music. Woopee.

Others unashamedly seek a bigger venues for their “talents.” In doing so, they reveal more about themselves than the God they claim to glorify.

Check out Veritas. Perhaps authentic, humble Christian ambition is thriving in some places today. May we seek it to prosper in our own locales as well.

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