All work and no play makes the Spain team a dull group. Ok, here’s how this story goes…

We were riding the subway/train back to our apartment the other day when Darrell claims he saw Woody Woodpecker on the tracks. None of our kids even knew who Woody was, and the other group (Nicole, Charlie, Julie and Jackie) gets off a stop earlier than us, so it was Darrell’s exuberant claims against the combined doubt of myself and Carolyn and eye-rolling disbelief of the four kids.

So… Wednesday on the way back, Darrell insisted that we look for Woody. It was one of those “Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it…” moments with all seven of us glued to the window of the train. After several minutes, Darrell blurted, “Oh wait. We’re on the wrong train!” Indeed, as we entered the next station, we looked up, and we were back in the same station we had left from. It had traveled to the other group’s stop, and instead of going on, it had returned to our starting station. So we disembarked sheepishly and waited for the next train.

After boarding it, Darrell’s enthusiasm was contagious, and Carolyn shot the following video on her iPhone:

Indeed, we saw Woody!

Thursday, the guys walked over to the part of the tracks where we thought Woody rested, and to our great joy, we found Woody. Here’s proof:

On this day...

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