This past Sunday at church, I preached a message that launched a three-week series called For the Love of Money. I rarely promote a sermon that I’ve preached. It’s just a little.. self-promotional? However, we’ve received significant feedback on this message, and the college small group that meets in our house engaged with the material well this past Monday.

I wanted to tackle the issue of “money” without shying away from the typical allegation that “churches always talk about money.” That default defense actually keeps churches from talking about something that radically affects (and infects) our churches today – a love of money.

In the message, I address our use, misuse and abuse of money and examine why the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. In our series, we have promised to “pull no punches in an all-out attack on faulty thinking, greed and fear related to our finances.”

Listen here:

You can also review the sermon notes here.

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