Taking a cue from Scott’s entry, I’d like to invite you all to a little two-week adventure – The Friday Friend Challenge. Starting today, I’d like you to carve out 30 minutes to an hour, and write some notes to friends. Yes, I said write. That’s with a pen. You may have to hunt one down. They’re slender instruments with a small rolling ball on the end that is inked as it rolls by an attached ink cartridge. Of course, you can always use graphite. Just don’t use a keyboard.

We’re talking snail mail here. It’s a lost art. And yes, you’ll probably have to look in the phone book for an address. Sigh. Those 30 seconds of hunting down an address are sooooo inconvenient when you could just send an email. But don’t. Don’t click.

Write as many notes as you desire in that 30-minute to one hour interval. Before you begin, make a list of folks who you feel like writing. They may be relationship-based (family, friends), ministry-based (folks needing encouragement, support, advice) or recognition-based (leaders, teachers, influencers). Then just start writing. Those that you don’t get to today, you can begin writing next Friday.

Let’s try this for two weeks and see how it makes you feel to pick up pen and paper.

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