picture-1.pngIs that a rabbit in your pocket or…is it Pocket Tunes?

I installed Pocket Tunes on my Treo 650 recently, and I’ve just got to say one thing… WOW. Really.

picture-2.pngI have never used my Treo much for music. I’ve got several songs on my 1 gig memory card and use them as my ringtones, but I’ve never considered the possibility of using my Treo as a iPod-like device. Well, with Pocket Tunes, I’ve now got that capability and much more. First of all, Pocket Tunes, by NormSoft Software is ingenius. It has an attractive, skinnable interface, and it’s extremely intuitive – almost Mac-like.

In no time, I had a little Air Supply and Men at Work jamming on the impressive external speaker on the Treo. In fact, Pocket Tunes is one of those delicious bits of software that make you all the more proud of your hardware. Why in the world the Treo doesn’t ship with a full-featured media application like PT is beyond me. It’s like I’ve owned this Hummer for the past year but have never taken it out of the garage. Pocket Tunes helps a person enjoy their Treo more than you could realize.

Not only does PT seamlessly allow me to use equalizer effects, add bookmarks to my music lists and so on, but get this… INTERNET RADIO. Yep. That only is worth the price. How cool is it to suddenly have a radio on my Treo? Too cool. You can get PT at $19.95 or $37.95 from their site. Here’s the difference in the basic and deluxe package.

Very nice. Gotta go. REO Speedwagon is playing, and I Can’t Fight this Feeling Any Longer.

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