First of all, Ghost is back.

Two weeks ago,  I discovered an unfortunate result of being a two-wheeled traveller… a flat tire is total stoppage.

There is no spare on a moped.

I was at a meeting at Sam and Adelyn’s school, and when I strolled out into the parking lot after school, donned my Village People Moto Helmet and prepared to disembark, I felt an unsettling wobble in my rear end – the moped’s that is.

I dismounted and stared at the tire, totally confused as to what to do. Ah! Cell phone. Wife. Bicycle pump.  Yep.

Carolyn arrived in her Sequoia with a rather snide grin on her face. At least she’d brought the pump.

I aired it up and zipped back into town. I made it to the square before I felt the back tire begin to give. I pulled over, with Carolyn pulling into the parking space in front of Discount Merchandise and went to pumping again.

I made it home on the second air-up.

The next day we took the moped to Exxon. They couldn’t get the tire off to change it. It seems it’s not as easy to change a moped tire as one would think. On to Monticello’s Outdoor Store, which sells motorcycles and four-wheelers.

Poor Ghost sat there for two weeks, waiting patiently for a new tube while uglier and less-loved vehicles were repaired in front of it. Darn hunting season!

Finally, we were notified on Saturday that Ghost was ready to ride.

So, beware Monticello… Ghost is back!

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