“His steadfast love endures forever.”

Creds to LB at A Step in the Journey

A quick search in the English Standard Version (using Mac Bible Study) returns 45 results for “steadfast love endures forever, all in the Old Testament. When you broaden the search for “love forever” or other combinations, you realize quickly that God’s love does not fade. Period.

We should meditate (and bank on) the reality that God’s love is steadfast. It is:

  • Unchanging – regardless of whipping currents or blowing winds
  • Solid in the fiercest circumstances
  • Stable in uncertain, quivering times.

God’s great love is there.

Present. Offered. Available. Lavished. Wonderful. It means that God’s love is not conditional based on our performance. This is the gospel in its essence.

God is love (1 John 4.8, 16). His love is fully displayed in Jesus on the cross. The cross is also where God also fully displayed His wrath as He poured out His judgement for our sins upon Jesus. The only condition to experiencing God’s love is whether one steps into relationship with God through faith in Jesus. There is no other way.

Love and wrath concentrated in one focal point – in Jesus. Where two beams of wood intersected. Where one beam penetrated the earth. At those focal points, the Father declared, “My steadfast love endures forever.”

The steadfast love of God means that we can rest secure in our relationship with God:

  • even when we ourselves are not steadfast
  • even when our circumstances are unstable
  • even when our minds race with anxiety and fear
  • even when our health falters
  • even when our relationships are roller coasters

“[God] delights in steadfast love.” (Micah 7:18)


  • What conditions are present when you think God loves you most?
  • What conditions are present when you’re tempted to think God loves you less?
  • What synonyms can you come up with for “steadfast?” How does thinking of other words (like unchanging, solid, stable above) help you process the steadfast love of God?
  • How can you demonstrate to others today that you believe and enjoy God’s steadfast love in your life?

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