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Why I bought and sold an Apple Watch in 24 hours

Yes, I bought and sold an Apple Watch in 24 hours. You may remember when I did something similar with the iPhone X. Here’s why Apple has missed the mark again.

Why can’t type on the new Macbook Pro 2018?!

I stumbled on Michael Hyatt’s post “3 Reasons I Returned My New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar for a Refund: I Fear Apple May Be Losing Its Product Mojo” on accident. I recently upgraded to one of these Macbook, and since doing… Continue Reading →

Reform kings: Trump and Josiah

Dare I compare godly King Josiah of Israel to President Donald Trump? In 2016, I saw a similarity between Trump and King Cyrus of Persia. This entry compares the aggressive reform programs of Josiah and Trump.

Nuff Said: Misunderstood Emojis, Pickle Jar Theory, Blogging Disrespect, and “if Bible characters had iPhones”

This installment of “Nuff Said” covers prioritizing big things, the danger of misunderstood emojis, how bloggers have a self-esteem problem and what would be like if Bible characters had iPhones.

The Christian sniper

President Trump has been in the crosshairs of verbal attack and cultural vitriol since he was elected. Unfortunately, many Christian leaders have been vehement in their own disdain and snipes at the President.

“I know him!”

I saw Santa on the first day of December. It launched the Christmas season in a surreal way. It reminded me of Elf’s joyous declaration, “I know him!”

Nuff said: The Eisenhower Box, porn addiction in the church, Why Dilbert hates goals, Are youth leaving the church? and the Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft

This entry in the Nuff Said series covers everything from productivity to porn, from Dilbert to church dropouts, and finally… a video on how to conduct your own “Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft.”

Why I think Apple is missing the iPhone mark

Today Apple released three new iPhones: the iPhone XS, XS Max, the XR. Here’s why I’m completely bummed about them and the phone direction Apple has taken.

10 Reasons why you should wholeheartedly support President Trump

You can’t mention President Trump in a conversation anywhere without being looked at like you just ran over a puppy with a lawn mower. His name and persona are polarizing… and this blog post has NOTHING to do with him whatsoever.

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