goodwill-booksSee that huge wall of books? It’s the fantastic selection of used books at the Goodwill Store on North Main Street in Blacksburg. It’s quite a hefty display of a wide variety of books. I don’t know if they’ve added new shelves, but there are definitely more books in this store than there used to be.

Of course.

Somewhere among those books was my library book I had mistakenly donated in a stack of other books earlier that day. I stood there staring at that epic wall of varicolored stories in dismay.

I didn’t discover my mistake until I went to return my library book. I searched my back seat in confusion, wondering where it was. Then it dawned on me that earlier that morning I’d been a little distracted when I donated the books, trying to multitask.

I finally found my library book on the last shelf I looked. My Goodwill hunting episode ended in double victory because I found it, and the girl at the register didn’t make me buy it from them.


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