Rant warning:
I do not understand people who use Gmail’s web interface for Gmail.

  1. It’s cluttered.
  2. It’s confusing.
  3. It’s clunky.
  4. I can’t ever make it “just work.”

Tha’ts four Cs: cluttered, confusing, clunky, and can’t. You can thank me later for helping you with memory retention.

I’ve used Apple’s Mail app forever, and it’s just… clean, intuitive, helpful, and it works.

Case in point: I saved a draft in Apple Mail last night. When I went to access this am, it showed up in a folder on Gmail called “[IMAP/Drafts].” It was uneditable. I could not figure out how to edit it… So I copied it, downloaded the attachments, and recreated the message again. Sigh. Fail. Whatever.

People who have used Gmail web’s interface for email say I’m clueless. But I think I’m relatively tech savvy. It has always just screamed of PCish poor user interface to me. Sorry.

End of rant.

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