sync-48x48Ever since Mobile Me’s inception, there have been significant burps and hiccups of Apple’s revolutionary syncing service. When it works, it’s beautiful. When it doesn’t, it’s a bear. My experience over the past year has included more bear than beauty. Granted, Apple acknowledged its stumble out of the gate by extending members’ expiration dates beyond their 12-month paid subscription. That was a caveat. 

However, the amount of times I’ve had to reset iPhones, my sync history, and generally yell at my calendars for not syncing correctly between our three computers and two iPhones has been excessive. Apple should be paying me for bug discovery of this service, not the other way around. Since it’s a $99 annual fee, Google’s recent end-around may sound the death nell for Apple’s stumbling. 

Disclaimer: Before you think I’m being hard on Apple, just remember you always tend to be hard on those you love. I am a diehard Apple fan, and therefore my criticisms, I think, are fair. I have a hard stomaching those who take pot shots and make snide remarks without any familiarity with Apple’s stellar and amazing products and customer service.

Let me make a long story short: If you own an iPhone and do NOT use Mobile Me but WOULD love to have your contacts and calendars sync wirelessly with your Google account, (what’s on your iPhone appears magically on your Google calendar and vice versa) then go here and set up your iPhone to work with Google’s new Activesync.

At the very least, you’ll want to use it if you don’t already use another service. For Mobile Me users, you may be tempted to demand a refund or pro-rated credit. Certainly for users of the super-expensive BusySync (see my review of it here), you’ll sigh and regret paying their astronomical fees.

I would think most folks will be switching to Google’s services soon. It’s free, and it works.

Like Mobile Me should be, on both counts.

Also, you can watch the video for an explanation of what exactly it does:

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