A while back I wrote a post on a Wednesday about gratitude that I titled Wratitudnesday. The butchering of vocabulary was inspired by a friend’s gratitude post on a Tuesday called Gladituesday. You can never be grateful enough, and no day is better than others, so on this Saturday, it makes sense to have a post called Graturday. I was going to name it Gratiturday, but unfortunately, it sounded like “grab a turd day” when I said it out loud, so I hope this iteration is a better.

Here’s a few things I’m grateful for on this March Saturday:

  • We’ve had a spate of unnatural spring-like weather for Blacksburg (temps in the 70s), and it’s been beautiful outside. While it’s cold again this weekend, I’m grateful for fresh air, open windows, premature sunburns (from sitting outside reading on the swing) and impromptu cookouts with friends.
  • I’m grateful for health. Some of our dear friends are struggling with health issues with their daughter, and it’s provoked prayer for them, while at the same time reminding me to be grateful for when my household is healthy. It’s embarrassing to admit how easy it is to be grateful for things I don’t really deserve or have not earned.
  • Truth speakers and reflectors – that is, people who reflect Jesus to me. I have some amazing people in my life. They both call me out and lift me up. 
  • The Gucci Kroger is across the street from our office, and it makes grabbing snacks, lunches and supplies incredibly convenient. A nice perk. (for more about what-in-the-world-a-Gucci-Kroger-is)
  • Emojis. Yeah. I use them. I never thought I’d admit it, but you can say so much with just a tiny clipart thinga-ma-bob. Some of my favorites are: 👍🏻😂🐗💩🙋🏻‍♂️👊🏻🖖🏻
  • The people of Northstar Church. They are some of the most encouraging, genuine and joyful followers of Jesus that I know.
  • A Jacuzzi tub. Yeah, you may want to skip to the next one to avoid unnecessary gag reflexes or mental images, but I enjoy a hot bath at night… with a book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught my book right before I dropped it into the water after dozing off.
  • My live-in project manager, aka my spouse. I’m convinced Carolyn can conquer any project – whether craft or construction, food or furniture. She’s like a female Larry the Cable Guy. She gits it dun. Recently, she tackled our basement and added an amazing dartboard backdrop.
  • My dependents (or kids). They’re all growed-up now. Adelyn is a senior at BHS, Sam is a sophomore (kind of) at UNCC. Both are amazing young adults, with a love for God and great senses of humor (because they still laugh at my jokes).
  • Candy corn and peanuts. Diet Cream Soda. They are my evening snacks of choice these days. Someone even left a pair of candy corn underwear on my desk as a gift at the office. There was no note. I guess no one wants to admit they gave the pastor underwear as a gift. I’m also grateful for donuts, especially Carole Lee donuts. My Friday morning routine involves a trifecta: two regular glazed donuts and a cinammmon twist.
  • Speaking of candy, I have some TV shows I watch that are simply brain candy for me. (It’s fun to see how my shows have changed since the 2009 post.) Superhero shows like The Arrow, Flash, MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow make that list.
  • I am a screw up. I get better at it the older I get. So as a follower of Jesus, I’m especially thankful for grace. And the older I get, the more aware of the need for the grace I am. “For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” (John 1:16) I am thankful for those who reflect grace to me, for daily reminders of God’s love and for vivid expressions of His forgiveness.
  • Coffee shops. As much as I love coffee, I hate to admit that most of it tastes the same to me. Sheetz coffee is like Starbucks coffee is like the coffee we brew in the pot at the office (Maxwell House). Coffee snobs will shudder, but my favorite coffee is Cracker Barrel coffee. It’s so smooth and mellow and like hot coffee candy. I’m grateful for coffee shops, though. I spend a lot of time in them – reading, meeting, preparing sermons, and just relaxing.
  • Writing. I enjoy it more than candy corn and peanuts. Stringing words together in a way that others can make sense of and be touched or impacted by them is a powerful reality. Words can hurt and heal. The old playground adage about “sticks and stones” is simply not true. Our words perhaps are our greatest stewardship. I’m grateful that blogs exist – places where I can throw down digital letters and communicate with a wide audience.
  • Games. I love playing games. Whether it’s Settlers of Catan, corn hole, darts or Xbox, I love competition.
  • The future. In some ways, it will have continuity with today. In others, it will be vastly different. I look forward to days ahead and am not married to the past. 
  • Seat heaters. I am so spoiled to have them in my car. I love asking people, how would you like to be cooked rare, medium or well – since there are three settings. 

What’s your list of things that you’re grateful for? Blog about it and link back here!

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