Dangit. I just had to shave my ears again. For those of you first visiting, it’s not as if I talk about this often, but if you’d like to track with me how often I have to do this, my first comment about it is here. Maybe by tracking these posts, I can determine how long it takes for my ear hair to grow… It could be a real scientific study. Maybe I’ll get some grants? Then I could hire some aides… (get it? aids for my ears? hearing aids? heh-heh.)

Anyway, you’re also probably wondering why in the world I took the time to take pics and all. Well, I’ve got some down time right now waiting on a few things and I DID have to shave my ears. It’s such a unique and random thing, I thought someone would appreciate it. I mean, of all places for my hair to decide to START growing… why my ears? Why couldn’t it grow on the back of my head?

earhair2.JPG Anyway, here’s a pic of my new hair tools.. It’s so depressing. And in the middle of all the ear-shaving-picture-taking, I dropped the nose hair attachment in the crapper. Aaargh. Of course, this has all happened in the context of me avoiding some house cleaning. earhair3.JPGCaro and Kristy Hales are out cleaning the studio in preparation for Caro’s sis visiting with our twin 5-year-old nephews and 6 month-old niece.

So… the ear hair gods have smited me by making me drop by nose hair attachment in the commode.

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