It seems about every week I stumble on a cool "new" tool – new to me, that is.
I have found digg,
and I think I’m going to like it. I guess you could say I dig digg. Or I’ve dug digg. Whatever.

Although I use Bloglines daily, I have begun to fret between using it or Technorati – which continues to add new features all the time – and All of these three have ways to keep track of your favorite sites and blogs and let you know when they’ve been updated. Which one will end up on top? It’s a toss-up, but a ton of folks seem to be using Technorati.

But here’s what I like about digg -so far. Go over to the main page, and you’ll see it tracks stories for you. When you see one you like, you just click on it. But then you have the option to send it to a friend, blog about it (it connects you directly to your blog), or to save it. (BTW, the Flock browser – which I’m using predominantly now – has similar features built in).

Another cool blogging tool that I’m using a lot now is cocomment. It’s awesome. Whenever you post a comment that you want to track or save, you just click on cocomment (put it as a toolbar link in your browser). Cocomment pops up – as you post your comment in your friend’s blog – and lets you "tag" it, track it (get notified when someone else posts a comment there), etc. Awesome!

Let me know which blog tools above you’re using or that you begin using after this post! Enjoy.

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