It was announced today that “last night” Houston Nutt reached an agreement with the University of Mississippi to become their new head football coach. Nutt leaves Arkansas almost exactly ten years after becoming head coach. He leaves Arkansas richer and poorer simultaneously.

We’re richer because now we can pursue a coach that might have an inspired offense, rather than working to death a few extremely talented players. We’re poorer because the University of Arkansas is paying Nutt $3.5 million as part of contract negotiations as he leaves! What?!

According to an AP News report, Chancellor White at UofA was the agent behind this:

White said Nutt’s contract gave the coach a set of “golden handcuffs” under which Nutt would have to pay the university if he takes another coaching job while also forfeiting a significant amount of money. White said he told Nutt he would ask the Razorback Foundation to free Nutt of the obligations. (AP)

In addition, Nutt has signed a $9.5 million/5 year contract at Ole Miss. A Mediocre Millionaire. Great.

Of course, I have a few issues with this, as should any thinking fan.

  • First of all, why didn’t the negotiations stipulate that Nutt not coach in our own division? No matter how good/bad Arkansas or Ole Miss is in the years ahead, any win by Nutt is egg-in-your-face to us. We’ll have to face him every year because he’s in our division. Great thinking.
  • Second, does anyone really believe the Ole Miss job was finalized yesterday? That Nutt hasn’t been approached by them before? That he was well aware yesterday during his own “resignation” negotiations that he was going to be signing another multi-million dollar contact within hours? So much for his love for Arkansas…
  • Third, does it cause any pause in your moral fiber to consider what that amount of money – either way could do to help students – underprivileged and otherwise – attend college and create a future for themselves? Think of the money involved in this one coach’s future alone – $13 million – would like like in scholarships for students.
  • Finally… I wonder if Mitch Mustain’s mom might be in line to be the new coach…?

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