Tim has done us all a favor by posting an excerpt from one of George Whitfield’s sermons in which he teaches his listeners how to receive the most fruit from a sermon. Interesting take. Whitfield was one of the prominent preacher/theologians during the Great Awakening, and he stands as one of the great preacher-teachers of all time.

Here are the main points:

  1. Come to hear them, not out of curiosity, but from a sincere desire to know and do your duty.
  2. Give diligent heed to the things that are spoken from the Word of God.
  3. Do not entertain even the least prejudice against the minister.
  4. Be careful not to depend too much on a preacher, or think more highly of him than you ought to think.
  5. Make particular application to your own hearts of everything that is delivered.
  6. Pray to the Lord, before, during, and after every sermon, to endue the minister with power to speak, and to grant you a will and ability to put into practice what he shall show from the Book of God to be your duty.

I’d highly encourage you to read the post over at Tim’s blog. Which points particularly strike you? What might you add?

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