I can feel it. I’m way overdue for some time to reflect, think, pray, and unload. I shared with our elders at Journey last week about my sense of being overwhelmed and was deeply grateful for their kind and loving prayers and response. I usually try to “retreat” about twice a year, but it’s been a while. I decided last week to head back to Fort Smith. I have a dear friend there that I know I can unload on, reflect with and process what God is doing in my life.

Even more than that, I am looking forward to a couple of days of just being still before God. Reading, praying, listening. I’ll be heading up Thursday and plan to head back Saturday. I will not blog while gone. I’ve got some posts scheduled to be released in the next couple of days, so it will appear that I’m blogging away, but they were written earlier (a nice feature of any good blogging platform).

So… until then. If you get in the mood, I’d appreciate the prayers.

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