Holy cow… I had ordered an iPod for our church, cause I saw that with the addition of a Griffin iTalk, you could record stuff. We’ve been recording our services via minidisc, but it’s a pain to import that real time into my Mac G5, and then convert it to mp3, edit and burn to CD. I figured I could simply drag the mp3 file from the iPod to my Mac and then burn away…

So I got the iPod in today (got it off Ebay…I’m an addict, I confess), and plugged it up to my Powerbook. Wow. And wow. Immediately, I see in iTunes the iPod and so I begin to drag music over to it. Seamless. Delightful. NO problems. Aaaaaaaah. I remember all over again why I’m a Mac user… No driver installation or issues.

Anyway, excuse me while I go wipe the drool of computing delight from the corners of my mouth. I then see an option (still in iTunes) to use the iPod to sync my contacts and calendar? No way. I check it… and voila… the iPod says it’s updating contacts and calendar. 45 seconds later! Bodda-bing-bodda-booom. My little iPod has my tunes, my contacts, and my calendar!

Then it came with this thing called “iTrip” which you plug into the top and supposedly you can broadcast it to your FM radio. I go test it out on the radio in the kitchen, tuning it to 88.5. Suddenly, crystal clear Christ Tomlin bursts out. I scream for Carolyn, the kids, the neighbors, and our hamster to “C’MERE!”

I believe this will suddenly be MINE… ALL MINE… (Wicked laugh). Yup. Got to buy it for myself now… Can I afford it? Nope. Dangit. But can I live without it now? Nope. Do I absolutely need it? Nope. But it’s just too cool, and I’m such a tech geek. Wow.

(Note to other impulse buyers and those struggling to get out of debt…. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Gotta go and do the iTunes/iPod dance in my living room.

11:54 PM

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