jeffcoco.jpgI need some help. I’m calling on the Blog World, friends, family, and the pope to assist me. My brother-in-law, TC, gave us this little box of “Holiday Snack Nuts.” It wasn’t until a few nights ago that we broke them open and tried them. Oh… my… goodness… They’re just amazing. I love them. I’ll say it again. I LOVE THEM. I’ll shout it from the streets, I LOVE HOLIDAY SNACK NUTS!

There’s just one problem. I can’t find them anywhere on the net to reorder them. I can’t bear the thought of running out of them. I want to build a closet in our house just for my stockpile of thse coconut cashews and coconut yogurt cashews. They’re made by Archer Farms and were purchased at Target. But there’s no Target in our area, and they’re not available through Target’s online store. So… you know what’s coming, right? If you have a Target in your area, please drive there right now and buy them out. Yes, I said, buy those delectable Holiday Snack Nut packs plum out. Max out that credit card. Withdraw your contingency fund.

coconut.jpgNow here comes the fun part. Send them to me as a belated birthday gift. Yes, that’s right. My birthday was January 5, and for those of you who are still feeling immensely guilty for not getting me something, this is your opportunity, your moment to shine. Sieze the day! FRREEEEDDOOMMMMM!

Mailing address: 320 W. Jefferson, Monticello, AR 71655

Seriously folks, I’ll let you keep one box for yourself. Then you’ll be as addicted as I am. I might even be willing to sell you back one of the boxes you send me (for an appreciated rate). After all, they’ll be rare at this time, and we bivocational ministers have got to make a living somehow.

HEY!!! What are you doing still sitting there!? Get up and get going. Target and my happiness await!

Update: (8/23/07) I sadly threw out the empty plastic box just yesterday from my coffee shelf. It had sat there, empty and forlorn, for many months since this post. I received 0 – nada, zilch – Holiday Snack Nuts in the mail. Sigh. What am I to do? I guarantee that some of you WON’T be receiving Christmas presents from me this year simply because I’m allocating a large portion of my Christmas monies to stockpiling Archer Farms Holiday Snack Nuts.

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