As I was re-reading Philippians this afternoon to get ready for church tomorrow, I came across this passage. It’s from “The Message” version:

“Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in Him! Make it as clear as you can to all you meet that you’re on their side, working with them and not against them.” (Philippians 4)

It struck me that in the midst of presidential debates and wrangling about words, that our nation is in the process of choosing sides in these days. However, the amazing thing about a true follower of Christ is that he becomes a proponent of people, period. In other words, I’m on your side.

It’s not about politics or opinions or issues. It’s about you. It’s about me. Can we get along as humans? Can we look past differences of mind and affirm one another’s being.

The only way to do this is to see life in perspective. To step back from the economy, from Iraq, from relevant issues like racism, poverty, and freedom and then to realize that there is a broader perspective. We get mentally constipated on the above issues (and others) and can’t pass on to what really matters, what will really relieve us. (Sorry for this gross analogy!) Bit I contend that your own ability to discover and view reality through a mentality of divine celebration is vital to your ability to perceive and enjoy life.

In other words, until you learn to celebrate God, to revel in Him, you will not find anything else worth celebrating that will last. Oh sure, you’ll find momentary joys and pleasures. A sunset, a walk on a beach or in the mountains, the hug of a child, a tender moment with friends… But each of those passes. Yet a person’s ability to discover the reality and love of God in Christ Jesus will determine their continued capacity to enjoy life. Period.

Can you revel in God? Or is being that happy in a relationship with God a foreign concept?

I’m on your side. I want you to enjoy living! To find your purpose. To rise above boredom and mediocrity and the mundane. I choose what ultimately matters for you. Ask me, email me, insult me, or ignore me. But don’t ignore your own deep joy and happiness. If you do, you’ll miss the dance of a lifetime. It’s like sitting at home while everyone else is at the prom.

I would urge you to learn to dance with our Creator! As you let Him lead, your toes will be safe, and you’ll drink deeply of the music of life.

Or… you could just get consumed by the debates. And choose sides.

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