easter2013We’re so excited about the opportunity and joy of proclaiming Christ’s resurrection at Easter! Are you?!

Did you know that studies have shown that almost 80% of people would come to church if they received a personal invitation?

However, according to this article, less than 1/3 of Christians are regularly inviting people.

Consider this statement from an article titled:

Invite a Friend to Church for Easter – Probably Not

It’s not that we don’t want unchurched people to come to church. We do. If asked, most of us will say we are for it. But, we don’t want to be the ones to do it. We don’t actually want to ask someone to come to church with us. We’re afraid to invite someone to church. Which likely means we’re also afraid to share our faith and tell them about Jesus.

That’s problematic considering that surveys regularly report that somewhere between 80% and 90% of all new Christians first came to church because they were personally invited by a friend or relative.
To put that in perspective, advertising such as direct mail regularly accounts for less than 2% of all new people. A pastor’s invitation is around 6%. Evangelism programs like the Alpha Project weigh in at about 6% as well.

All of which means that the personal invitation of a friend or family member is the single most effective way of getting someone to come to church, let alone introducing them to the Christian faith.

Sadly, only a third of all Christians feel up to doing that. The rest seem willing to leave it to the pastor or a direct mail advertising blitz. (Source)

It’s not too late. Pick up the phone. Go across the street. Send a personal email. At the very least, post something on Facebook.

He is Risen! Your friends and our world wait to see credible, joyful evidence in our lives!

I know many of you will be traveling, and it will be hard to invite a friend to church when you will not be present. But that simply means… there’s another Sunday coming! Invite them to Jesus. Invite them into His presence with others. That’s church.

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