This may be one of my new favorite pranks. I was setting up Carolyn’s shortcuts on her iPhone. You know, the option that allows you to type in a short code, and the iPhone will fill in a phrase for you. I usually use “@@” for a shortcut for my email address. It saves a lot of time.

As I was creating hers for her, a random thought struck me and immediately got me chuckling. I set “at” to become “diarrhea.”

The pic is an example of what happened over the next several hours. When a friend finally texted her about an Instagram Carolyn posted with diarrhea. In it, she figured it out.

When she confronted me, it was impossible for me to keep a straight face. I guffawed. I snorted. She stared. “Fix it,” she said in an uncomfortably quiet voice. I did.

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