Since buying my first iPod back in October or so, I’ve gone overboard. Now I’m buying and selling used iPods! Right now, I have a few silver iPod mini’s I need to sell. They’re going for about $205-220. They’re mostly 4 gig models. I also have a few iPod photos I’m selling. Mainly 20 gig models. I need to get about $250 for those.

In addition, I’ve got an iBook G4 933mhz, 60 gig HD, 640MB Ram, Bluetooth, CD-RW/DVD, Airport Extreme laptop for sale at $735. It has some pressure marks on the screen, but is in great shape otherwise.

Finally, I have a SWEET iMac G5, 160 gig HD, 512MB ram, Bluetooth, CD-RW/DVD, Airport Extreme which includes mouse and keyboard for sale at $935. It’s direct-refurbed from Apple.

STRIKE THE IMAC G5 FROM THE LIST! SOLD TO THE PRETTY LITTLE LADY IN PINK OVER IN THE CORNER… (uh, I mean Matt Parker… but his blog color has got me distracted still.) 1/28/05

If you’re interested in any of these or know someone who might be, spread the word!

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