I’ll admit that I’m a “twaddict” – someone that loves to keep with my friends and acquaintances through lifestreaming services like Twitter, Pownce, Friendfeed, Spokeo, Plurk, etc. All of these services are impressive, and there is a heavyweight cage match happening in cyber space over which will earn the hearts of bloggers and microbloggers. Twitter has been losing rapid favor in the past six months due to its inconsistency and downtime. Many have switched to Pownce and Friendfeed.

However, I want to recommend a mass exodus of all Twitter users to Jaiku. They have recently joined with Google, and so you can expect nothing but quality and innovation in the future from them – as well as the muscle to make it happen.

You can follow me at Jaiku here. I’ll still be updating at Twitter and other services through the magnificent convenience of hellotxt.com, but I am hoping to spend most of time over at Jaiku in the days ahead.

Of course, there’s still the ever-improving social giant called Facebook. What is your preference for microblogging and why?

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