This actually could have been 3.0, but for the sake of friendship, I won’t discuss here a frustrating, wasted day trying to jailbreak a friend’s iPhone before I found out that you couldn‘t jailbreak an iPhone that came “out of the box” with firmware 1.1.2 or above (at that time). The first chapter of the saga is here.

In the past three weeks, however, major breakthroughs were made on a full and complete jailbreak for all iPhone versions, including the latest 1.1.3. Since I had jailbroken mine up to 1.1.2, I decided this a.m. to bite the bullet and see just how hard it was to upgrade to 1.1.3 and then jailbreak it.

Imagine my astonishment and surprise when I was done, with a fully functioning iPhone, in less than 5 minutes!!

Thanks to the ingenuity of iJailbreak, a nifty little program written and designed by – get this – a 13 year-old! Don’t we all feel rather Flintstone-ish.

One caveat – the latest version of iJailbreak (0.5.3) only works with Max OS X Leopard.

But since I have the feline beast purring in my iMac… YABBADABBADOOOOOOOO!

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