We arrived back in Monticello at 2 a.m. on Wednesday from our trip to Poland. Fortunately, I drooled on the plane from Charlotte to Little Rock, so I was semi well-rested. Our car was packed with my family, Tracy, Becca Sustaire and Lindsey Randall. Needless to say, it was cozy.

Wednesday a.m. played a cruel trick on us. We were up waaay too early. Carolyn had a head full of steam, and we immediately began boxing and packing. The movers arrive next Wednesday to take our belongings to Blacksburg.

Our last day in Poland was so fast, surreal, serious and joyful. We saw the awful horrors of Auschwitz and Berkenauer. The evil that was unleased upon the world in the malevolent intentions of the Third Reich is beyond comprehension. One part of you wants to stop, sit, and dwell painfully on man’s ability to ignore His Creator. The surreal part is that after several hours of immersion in mind-numbing history, well, we were hungry.

That’s where the surreal part came in. We drove across the street and ate kabobs at a tourist trap. On one side is genocide; on the other side is hamburgers.

When we returned to Krakow, we made a quick stop by the Jewish Quarter of town to see the Krakow Ghetto Memorial and Schindler’s Factory. And from there, the mall. Again, a sharp contrast.

Monday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Massengales, our hosts for the week. We started in their living room with our first meal, and we ended there as well. As Shae shared with us about the impact we’d had over the week, we were so honored and humbled. We were there because we love Christ and because His love for all peoples compels all Christians to serve Him in all places.

It was awesome to hear the softball team share all that the Poland experience had meant to them. We cried, prayed, and rejoiced in the goodness of God. To a person, we all were hesitant in our hearts to leave Poland the new friends we’d made.

As I’ve packed boxes and worked this morning in our oven/attic, my thoughts keep drifting back to Krakow. Carolyn and I were so privileged to have gone on the the trip. Thank you all who gave, prayed, and helped in other ways to make our trip possible.

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