This past Saturday a small group of folks from our church met to do a “Dirty Job.” We had buckets, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves and slightly apprehensive attitudes. The plan? Go clean public restrooms as a way of showing people that God loves them.

A few of us were, well, not exactly looking forward to the opportunity to serve our neighbors. However, by the time all was said and flushed, everyone had a blast!

The response we received as we entered a gas station and said, “Hi! We’re from Journey Church, and we’re going around town today cleaning restrooms as a way of saying God loves you,” were priceless. One older lady in a gas station who was waiting on her oil to be changed said, “Well, I reckon I’ve never seen anything like that,” as we left.

I was grateful that our son Sam got to go with another group, while our daughter Adelyn was in our group. Sam got to work alongside of other folks from our church and see their attitudes and joy in doing something normally distasteful for the glory of God. I told Carolyn how awesome it is for kids to see that nothing is beneath us when we are working to remove barriers in peoples’ lifes from knowing the truth about Jesus.

If he was willing to wash His disciples’ feet, we should be more than willing to_______ (you fill in the blank).

A friend of mine, Stacy Reed, is the pastor at First Baptist Church of Fordyce. We saw him at our church’s Game Night at Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Home Friday night, and when he learned of our Serve Day project, he suggested the following:

  • We’re reaching your soul by cleaning your bowl.
  • Don’t get in a rush, we’ll do the flush.
  • We’re trying to be sweet by cleaning your seat.

Any other ideas out there?

We’re looking forward to our next Serve Day next month.

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