francischanWe began a 4-part series at Journey this past Sunday on biblical authority. It’s called “Joyful Submission: Losing Control Without Losing Your Soul.” You can read more about the different topics and areas of life we’ll be applying submission to here, but I wanted to share with you the message we heard Sunday.

It’s by Francis Chan who is pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi, California. He is one of the more dynamic biblical communicators around right now, and after listening to this podcast a few weeks ago, I knew I wouldn’t be able to say it any better. So we showed the message this week, with blessed results from the Lord.

I really believe the issue of biblical authority and submission is perhaps the key issue for our culture and generation. So many problems in churches, in the corporate world, education, the home, and government are the result of our refusal to submit to divinely-ordained authority in our lives. We are a nation of rebels. Heck, America was born out of rebellion. That trait is so intertwined into our national identity that we think it’s a positive trait.

Listen to Chan’s message and let me know your thoughts as well.

Click here to watch. You may also go to Cornerstone’s website and listen to other messages. This message is dated June 10, 2007.

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