For those of you stopping by today, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This blog entry is neither profound nor even remotely informative. Chalk it up to OBES (Obligatory Blog Entry Syndrome). I hate that it’s come to this.


Have you seen the new Mac ads yet? Try em out here. My favorite is the one for iLife. Gotta check ’em out.

In other news, I’m beginning a semi-regular "Off the Path" link to the right which will be a blog or two that I’ve stumbled upon and will link to for a day or so just so you can see what net journeys I’ve discovered and have walked down a ways.

Well. Nuff said for now.

On this day...

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Jeff is the pastor of Northstar Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. He grew up in Arkansas, loves fantasy football and is an Apple fan boy. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @journeyguy.
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