When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but one Journey elder with leaf blower gear…

I returned home this morning from a few hours at the church to discover TJ Files blowing the leaves in my front yard into a large pile. Curious, I asked him what he was doing. After he caught his breath (hahahahahaha. Not really. It was a gas-powered blower.), he responded, “Just thought I’d come over and blow your leaves into a pile after I did it at my house.”

Simple response. Profound impact.

Muchos gracias, TJ. It’s random kindnesses like that that produce deep gratitude. It’s not that my front yard now looks great (and I’m saved a sinus infection, what with all the pollen in the air), but it’s the sincere friendship and helpful spirit that he demonstrated that means more. While you’re toodling around on the web, check out his blog: Thrown to the Lions.

After such an act of kindness, I almost feel bad for posting that picture of him…. Nah, not really. You just have to know TJ. Really.

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