I had fun today, but it’s late, and I’m pooped. A quick summary:

  • A Coffee Heaven run in the early a.m.
  • Team Krakow meeting all morning
  • Pizza (again) for lunch – because the place Joe and Becca wanted to take us was “out of food” due to a big order.
  • Looking at potential properties for Compass International Christian Church with members of Team Krakow
  • A quick shopping trip
  • A long, hurried walk from Krakow Square back to hostel (tram was late) so I could meet with Shea about the ISC program.
  • Bible study at Seba and Erin’s place with Polish friends
  • Video uploads all night for Ed Stetzer’s blog and fixing video audio on my uploads

Tomorrow, we’re off to Auschwitz in the a.m. and then have a major event – a Coffee House in the evening. Last day!

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