Playing catch up today on some design work and just thought I’d refer you to some blogs and sites that you may not have stopped by recently. Sorry for the laziness, but hey, you just might find a jewel in all these that becomes a regular stopover.

Oh, and Ryan and I are beginning to read The Pursuit of Holiness together for challenge and encouragement (like I need another reading group!). If any of you would be interested in reading with us this powerful but short book (notice the sneaky motivational hook there), grab you a book and let me know.

Here are my lazy entry links:

  • Behind door number 1 – some Southern Baptist links for information and encouragement. Having served as an SBC minister and in their churches for most of my life, I’m still intrigued and keep up with what’s going on there. Wade Burleson’s blog, Grace and Truth to You, is an attempt by a trustee of one of the SBC’s mission boards to keep the playing field level. In recent years, a powerful few have gained control of key positions in SBC life and leadership. Burleson simply wants convention leadership to be held more accountable to the good folks in SBC churches…. Kiki Cherry is an OBU grad and friend serving as a collegiate minister in the northeast. Her blog, The Cherry Pit is a great read. T4G Blog is an ongoing public conversation between Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Albert Mohler – all conservative evangelicals, not necessarily SBC-ers.
  • Behind door number 2 – some blogs to follow the continuing emergent church dialogue. The "Emergent Church" movement is pretty difficult to follow, however. Depending on who you talk to, it can be encouraging/confusing or enlightening/darkening. A decent first read would be Wikipedia’s entry on emergent church. Steve McCoy has a personal commentary on the emergent church. There is an interesting article, with decent graphs at subversiveinfluence. Open Source Theology in pretty interesting. For a long critique of the emergent movement, read Phil Johnson.
  • Behind door number 3 – some excellent blog designs, as well as content. I continue to be extremely impressed and a consistent lurker over at… I have no idea what it’s about, but I like the look. Sonspring is also pretty cool.
  • Behind door number 4 – Mac stuff. Of course. The "Unofficial Apple Weblog" is a nice way to keep up. There’s Apple’s main site which will make you drool over the new Macbooks. Finally, there is which is a Mac user’s site with all kinds of ways to find out how people are using their Macs. (Is it just me, or is there a huge group of new church starts and ministers now using the Mac? Seems like everyone I come across these days has a Macbook.)

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