I recently sent this to the elders of our church for review and consideration. I am still processing it myself, but as I am currently working through Tim Elmore’s Portrait of a Leader: The Strategic Formation of a Leader, I am reassessing my own leadership style and the way that I seek to influence people.

I first went through Experiencing God when I was in Garland, Texas, I believe. Since then, I’ve been though it 4-5 more times. It was revolutionary for my Christian walk, teaching me to live by faith rather than sight.

However, I’ve often reflected on how much inaction sometimes surrounds my faith walk, and I wonder how much of that is traceable to the perspective I picked up from EG. You see, EG teaches us to look and see where God is at work around us. Jesus said, “My Father is at work.” It’s a great principle. It also warned us not to launch out and “do something” for God. Too often we feel like we must be busy for God when actually He desires that we be waiting on Him.

I am beginning to think that EG may have ruined me. So many times, I’m waiting for something – anything – to happen, and I have begun to realize that God is also not interested in my inactivity. The servant who buried his talent “waiting” for his master’s return was condemned. The ones who invested their talents and put them to use were exalted.

It’s the issue of inertia vs. initiative. When to act and when to wait? Saul was condemned in the Old Testament for offering sacrifices before Samuel arrived, even after being told specifically to wait on him.

I’m struggling to find balance and perspective in this. I’d love your prayers and then your input on this issue. When is time to wait and when is it time to act? When is it time to launch out on faith and make big things happen? Or are we to wait on God in all things? Perhaps it’s not an either/or issue but a both/and.

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