Justin Taylor said this at the recent Na Conference in response to why it’s important to read and study perspectives from before our own time:

I think if we try to—to use Na’s term—“reinvent the wheel”, if we try to come up with a new doctrine, if we’re not learning from those before us, it’s the ultimate act of arrogance. Because it tends to be our default position to assume that the Holy Spirit is starting his work with us and we forget that he’s been working for 2,000 years and beyond. He’s been instructing his people. And it’s just utterly foolish and arrogant to think that we can start from scratch or that we’re not building upon previous generations.

You can read the script from his conference here.

I’d be interested in knowing my my regular readers and lurkers…. and be honest, folks. Who was the last “dead guy” Christian you read? (besides the Bible).

If you’re intrigued, a great (and free) place to start is at Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

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