I’ll be leaving Glorieta this afternoon.

The last six days have been, truly, annointed. I don’t know how to describe them otherwise. The renewal of friendships, the deep pursuit of Christ by more than a thousand college students and campus ministers, the intimacy and humility of discovering the love of Christ through proclamation, a stunning setting, and passionate worship among others who are thirsty for Him is simply overwhelming.

God indeed has met us here. He has always been faithful to “show up” at Glorieta. I urge, encourage and cajole everyone to make a pilgrammage here sometime soon. Budget for it. Go online and look at the options over the course of a year. But get ye here. You won’t regret it.

As I’m leaving, I’m full of bittersweet sorrow. It’s hard to leave, yet I’m anxious to return to ministry, life, friends, and a church that although not perfect is earnestly seeking how we may be used by God for His glory. I’m anxious to try/attempt/stumble through communicating some of the things I feel the Lord has shown and taught me this past few days. Poor Ryan and TJ. They’ll have to sit and listen to me ramble on in our next elder meeting.

One thing I know: my life is on a collision course with the ultimate goal of spreading the glory of Christ and His Gospel to all peoples. I hope to be used by God to drag as many others into this joyful service as possible.

Please pray for me as I travel this afternoon/evening/tomorrow.

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