For those of you reading this blog semi-faihtfully, you know that last year I read the Bble through using the excellent plan available at Journey Church’s Ancient Words group. In January, I did a lot of reflection and study on the book of James to prepare for a teaching series in it this year.

However, on the recommendation of Craig Jenkins, I am beginning Beth Moore’s interactive Bible study called The Patriarchs. Craig has been boldly going where no man has gone before… that is, he’s doing the study his wife’s women’s group at Immanuel Baptist Church Warren. Pray for Craig as he battles the influence of estrogen as he seeks inspiration from God! 😉

Anyway, I’d like to invite any of you to join me. I just began this a.m., and for those of you who indicate interest, I’ll hold up for you. You can purchase the workbook at just about any Christian bookstore, or you can get online at Lifeway. I’m thinking about setting up a separate blog here just for those of you wanting to do the study… or I might set up a group at (If you haven’t checked out’s groups, they are the most user-friendly, fun around. You have to register a ID, but it’s free.) Anyway, comment here if you’re willing to embark on a journey through Genesis with me as we study the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And get your book ASAP!

As someone with a lot of sheep, do you think Abraham ever had staffing problems?

NEW 2/20/06… Click here for the link to The Patriarchs Study Blog….

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