I’m so exceptionally proud of my wife this morning. She took our son to Roanoke early (5:45a) for a flight out to visit grandparents. The trip has been planned for some time. US Airways refused him boarding due to age.

They told her, “Say he’s 15.” in refusing, she may have lost a flight, but she has strengthened her faith. She’s waiting now to talk to a supervisor to see about an exception, but she is the exception.

We all need clearly defined moments when we make tough decisions solely on the basis of our belief. When we choose to lose rather than lie to fly, it may be painful for a moment. Yet it solidifies for us and those around usthe authenticity of our godly ambitions.

I’m proud of her, and I hope that the super grants her favor. But even if he doesn’t, the favor of her Father is greater. Because of her integrity, she’s flying higher than US Airways could ever take our son.

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