This may come across as a cheesy, sentimental post, but at last reckoning, it’s been 247 days since I wrote something along those lines. So here goes…

It was at Journey’s Family Camp ’07 – somewhere in the middle of it all – that I realized just how relaxed and peaceful things were. This was in spite of bike wrecks (including my own), kid fights, losing at Spades, winning at Settlers, and staying up late. Eight families, some of whom were just beginning to get to know one another, braved a weekend together. We all came away understanding that there wasn’t a perfect family amongst us. And yet, we all came away loving one another a little more and realizing that we’re in this faith adventure together.

I truly and deeply enjoy the fellowship and friendship of the people of our church. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ll be the first to say that we’re all a bunch of misfits, but on your honest days, aren’t you too?

I’m deeply appreciative of the relationships God has brought into our life. Life is just simpler with friends of faith. They bear your burdens when they get too heavy. They listen. They hold you accountable. They don’t give up on you. The truly great difference between the friendship of faith and a “normal” friendship is that the ultimate goal of a faith friendship is to see one another grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s at the coffee shop, or at church, or around a game table, I hope that my development of faith friendships continues.

I want more faith friends. How about you?

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